24 Apr 2010

test and optimize your website

You are at the last stage of development, the beta stage. Your website needs to be tested. This is an article referencing to useful tools and methods to optimize the speed and the visual uniformity.

23 Apr 2010

auto-switch (mobile) theme based on User-Agent

I dislike the idea of auto-switching to mobile themes in general. I want the user to have the choice considering the fact that smartphones have now more power, bigger screens are wi-fi capable (no 3G costs).

Sometimes though, it is a good practice. Especially in the case of, which has a design-perfect mobile website. If you are developing websites using Drupal, there are some good modules: Mobile Tools and Browscap.

For simpler constructions like you can code simple and clean.

15 Apr 2010

Pavatar Support

I just wanted to kill my time... so I added pavatar support to the following websites:

... oh and yes I know rel pavatar has been rejected

13 Mar 2010

Photo Diary

Photo Diary -
Photo Diary screenshot

The Andrea's Katsakos blog

Welcome to my personal blog. A blog - diary that I will try to write photographic. A diary about my personal life, my interests and my thoughts.

13 Mar 2010

ars technica

ars technica -

Ars longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile. - Hippocrates

Ars Technica is a premier destination for technology news, analysis, and in-depth information. With 6 million monthly readers, Ars Technica is in the Top 20 of all IT News and Media sites online according to Hitwise, and ranks in Technorati's Top 10. To learn more about Ars Technica's editorial, visit the "about" page.

15 May 2008

Photography Club of Larissa - the blogs and the website

I am a member at the Photography Club of Larissa for a few months now. The atmosphere is nice and I finally found people to talk about photography like geeks.

My presence there brought some changes, of course... :)

  • A new site is being in development (fll from the greek initials [f]Φωτογραφική [l]Λέσχη [l]Λάρισας)
  • Andreas Katsakos made the first step and created a photoblog. Other members followed him (we are talking about guys who shot exclusively film and only recently switched to digital. Technology was not an issue till the last couple of years)