16 May 2011

Facebook Wall: Clear everything

Facebook Wall: Clear everything - Remove ALL Activity

I had a problem to solve, clear my entire Facebook wall. By "clear" I mean to delete everything, status updates, links, events, photos, videos and their comments. The Facebook GUI does not provide such a function. I had to delete my facebook account -which I didn’t want to- or delete every single wall post manually one by one.

I then remembered my novice Perl skills. I had spare time, therefore I booted my Debian, I wrote a Perl script and voila! My Facebook wall was reborn.

23 Feb 2011

Thoughts on justified text

I had to come into a conclusion about fully justified text. I noticed that notaries in Greece (an observation from when I was a kid) always use justification, even in the old days of DOS text editors and monospaced fonts (ugly). I think it’s an old rule started from the manuscript writers. It is also correlated to formality. I, myself, instinctively still correlate "justified text" to formal text and I used justify alignment a lot.

Well I changed my mind a bit. Why bother about a sense of formality when text is not pleasant to the reading eye. I am not talking about unjustified - Left-Aligned (Ragged Right) VS justified. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages.

07 Feb 2011

Explore museums from around the world!

Art Project by Google

LONDON, Tuesday 1st February. Today Google unveiled the Art Project, a unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.

Over the last 18 months Google has worked with 17 art museums including, Altes Nationalgalerie, The Freer Gallery of Art Smithsonian, National Gallery (London), The Frick Collection, Gemäldegalerie, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Thyseen - Bornemisza, Museum Kampa, Palace of Versailles, Rijksmuseum, The State Hermitage Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Tate, Uffizi and Van Gogh Museum. The results of this partnership, which can be explored at involved taking a selection of super high resolution images of famous artworks, as well as collating more than a thousand other images into one place. It also included building 360 degree tours of individual galleries using Street View ‘indoor’ technology.

04 Feb 2011

HTML5 video codecs


HTML5 video is an element introduced in the HTML5 draft specification for the purpose of playing videos or movies, partially replacing the object element. The current HTML5 draft specification does not specify which video formats browsers should support in the video tag. User agents are free to support any video formats they feel are appropriate.

365 days ago, I found a nice article from an x264 developer. He successfully pointed out the Adobe mistakes about Flash and analyzed the future of internet video, including Google’s VP8 opening. That article led to another, The first in-depth technical analysis of VP8, and its response, An analysis of WebM and its patent risk – updated.

01 Feb 2011

Peartrees - is the social curation community

Pearltrees interface

An new mashup in the social network family. Pearltrees.

Pearltrees is the social curation community. It is the social way to discover, organize and share the stuff you like on the web.

Use Pearltrees to keep the stuff you like on the web at hand, to discover new things in your areas of interest and to share them with your friends.

25 Jan 2011

Mobile Codes

the qr code of this article

At the footer you can see the “Mobile Me!” block. It has a barcode image. It is a special barcode, a mobile code.

What are mobile codes?

“Mobile codes” are codes in the same way as ordinary barcodes are, but their matrix structure can hold more information. The codes are also mobile in the sense that you can use the camera on your mobile device to scan and decode them.

17 Dec 2010

Help-Portrait - 03 Dec 2011


I missed it, but definitely not next year. Be part of it, it's a great idea nicely implemented. Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need. I emphasized some words in their introduction article.

I also, have to mention the Help-Portrait excellent video promotion:

05 Dec 2010 - "Facebook Messages"/email

Facebook Messages/Email

Facebook released a new email hmm... messaging system. That's probably old news and it is. I am not going to write more on that than anyone else already did. I am posting a total of selected links for reading.

I first read about the "facebook email" scenario at Tech Crunch on February 5, 2010.

Facebook is completely rewriting their messaging product and is preparing to launch a fully featured webmail product in its place, according to a source with knowledge of the product. Internally it’s known as Project Titan. Or, unofficially and perhaps over-enthusiastically, the Gmail killer.

07 May 2010

Reverse Image Search

Do you ever wanted to find a photograph's subject, to see where else is posted on the internet, to find out that someone else had used/re-posted your photograph, to search for similar photos, to ... etc etc

Reverse Image Search is the answer and four web-gui (websites) software are already here to serve you.

26 Apr 2010

drupal views rewrite output to invalid markup

While I was testing the with the w3c validators, I saw several errors about

<h2> and <h5>

elements that where inside <a hrefs. I immediately spotted the problem on the node titles.

More specific: page views at are using fields. The field "node title" has a rewritten output to


and the "link to full node" checked.

Further investigation revealed that views module "links to full node" the whole "rewritten output" and not just the variable [title]. Therefore, the html output was

<h5><a href="...">[title]</a></h5>