12 Apr 2011

the Photoshop CS5 manual got printed

the Photoshop CS5 manual got printed

I teach (voluntary) Photoshop at the LPC (Larissa Photography Club) - pixel.fll.gr (the course's webpage). The course is curated by me and the title is "Pixel Essentials". The goal is to teach photographers the Photoshop GUI and tools and how to use them for essential  (+ some advanced) photographic procedures. From this year, I also added a small number of lessons about Digital Assets Management, color profiles and Photoshop alternatives (GIMP).

12 Apr 2011

f/stop Dial Wristband

my f/stop Dial Wristband

Artists may wear their hearts on their sleeve but now photographers can wear their art on their wrist with these new f/stop bracelets custom created by Photographic.ly.

I got mine! Two coloured and one B/W. They are beautiful. Everyone at fll.gr want one too... :)

01 Feb 2011

Social Networks - desktop clients

Seesmic Desktop 2

I usually don’t like software that resembles a website’s functionality. Let me explain. I don’t find a good reason to use a facebook desktop application just to have that website’s links in a different order. Well, if that application has some offline functionality, dial-up is a part of science history today.

01 Dec 2010

In the quest of an office work chair


When you are working for hours behind a desk, it happens to be sitting on a chair. It is usually an office chair and although you probably never thought about it, it must be an office Work Chair.

Many of you think that the best chairs out there are the "executive" ones. It is a common mistake. People want to be treated like an executive but that does not mean that an executive chair is ergonomically sufficient for many-hour working on a desk/computer. I don't know in which criteria a chair is declared as an executive one. An executive chair, as in ads and manufacturers leaflets/catalogs, is usually a comfortable and imposing leather (or pseudo-leather/vinyl) chair. It is not mentioned in those ads and product catalogs that an executive chair is to be used for a slightly lay-back sitting position while conferencing – watching presentations – client meetings etc...

14 Jul 2010

Julia, Soula and the financial crisis

Julia Alexandratou
Οίκος Εποχής - μέχρι 3 τα μεσάνυχτα

Από το άκουσμα της "παγκόσμιας οικονομικής κρίσης", περιοδικά, δημοσιογράφοι και οργανισμοί, έχουν κατά καιρούς εκδώσει έρευνες για τα πλήγματα που δέχονται διάφορες κατηγορίες επαγγελμάτων.

Μια κατηγορία είναι οι επαγγελματίες και η βιομηχανία διασκέδασης ενηλίκων.

02 May 2010

Louis Vuitton FW 2010

Louis Vuitton FW 2010

The FW 2010 Louis Vuitton models without makeup or airbrushing.


A large-size copy is attached bellow.