24 Dec 2010

My Logitech G9 misbehaves

Logitech G9

For no scientific reason but what my palm is telling me, I think that the best mouse on planet right now is the Logitech G9, small and extremely customizable (even in its size).-

In contrast to its price and greatness, my G9 started to misbehave. It registers two left-clicks in press of once. No, it is not the faulty drivers. I didn’t install them. It is the Omron microswitch to blame.

So, this mouse is in need of an operative treatment.

01 Dec 2010

In the quest of an office work chair


When you are working for hours behind a desk, it happens to be sitting on a chair. It is usually an office chair and although you probably never thought about it, it must be an office Work Chair.

Many of you think that the best chairs out there are the "executive" ones. It is a common mistake. People want to be treated like an executive but that does not mean that an executive chair is ergonomically sufficient for many-hour working on a desk/computer. I don't know in which criteria a chair is declared as an executive one. An executive chair, as in ads and manufacturers leaflets/catalogs, is usually a comfortable and imposing leather (or pseudo-leather/vinyl) chair. It is not mentioned in those ads and product catalogs that an executive chair is to be used for a slightly lay-back sitting position while conferencing – watching presentations – client meetings etc...

23 Apr 2010

Porn Industry and the iPad... oh and no flash! and no...

Porn industry finds the iPad sexy http://www.orgasmatrix.com/blog/noticias/ipad-erotico/ - http://fleshbot.com/5516249/the-ipad-gets-sexy-with-ryan-keely and sets hard questions to be answered http://fleshbot.com/5458278/will-the-ipad-change-the-way-we-consume-porn ...

Go to a porn website using Safari (and forget about sites using Flash-based streaming video) 

I never checked on iPad (I like Mac OS but I can't say the same for the Apple Hardware Marketing), but is that true? no flash? I find them capable of locking the "flash" down to firmware.

Lets search about it