14 Mar 2011

Πορεία Αγάπης - a photo exhibition

Πορεία Αγάπης (love route) - exhibition

Athanasia Kaniatsou is an amateur photographer and a member of the Larissa Photography Club. She has been twice to Tanzania and Uganda as part of a missionary support group called "Πορεία Αγάπης" (love route/mission).

I was asked to help her materialize an exhibition based on the photographs she captured being in Africa. She liked a lot the 4x6in size. I found it cute, appropriate and difficult too.

07 Feb 2011

Explore museums from around the world!

Art Project by Google

LONDON, Tuesday 1st February. Today Google unveiled the Art Project, a unique collaboration with some of the world’s most acclaimed art museums to enable people to discover and view more than a thousand artworks online in extraordinary detail.

Over the last 18 months Google has worked with 17 art museums including, Altes Nationalgalerie, The Freer Gallery of Art Smithsonian, National Gallery (London), The Frick Collection, Gemäldegalerie, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Museo Reina Sofia, Museo Thyseen - Bornemisza, Museum Kampa, Palace of Versailles, Rijksmuseum, The State Hermitage Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Tate, Uffizi and Van Gogh Museum. The results of this partnership, which can be explored at www.googleartproject.com involved taking a selection of super high resolution images of famous artworks, as well as collating more than a thousand other images into one place. It also included building 360 degree tours of individual galleries using Street View ‘indoor’ technology.

23 Jan 2011

I am Flesh

I am Flesh - Roger Weiss

I am Flesh (video) by Roger Weiss

Each image is composed of 47.244 x 32.864 pixels per inch, equivalent to 400 x 278 cm printable area at 300dpi, while for reasons of better perception – the works will be executed as 230 x 160 cm True Giclee Fine Art Prints protected under plexiglass.

03 Dec 2010

Nine Eyes of Google Street View

Nine Eyes of Google Street View - Jon Rafman

Google Street View was launched in May 2007 to allow our users to explore the world through images. At the time, coverage was limited to just five U.S. cities.

The feature provides users 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views within Google Maps. Google collects these images using special cameras and equipment that capture and match images to a specific location using GPS devices. Once the images are captured, they are "sewn" together to create a 360° panorama. Faces and license plates are blurred before the panorama images are served and become viewable in Google Maps.

2009 and here comes Jon Rafman’s essay on Google Street View. http://9eyes.tumblr.com/

14 Apr 2008

"Αυτή τη φορά Να μην Ξεχάσουμε… μία καμένη έκθεση"

19 Απριλίου – 11 Μαΐου 2008 Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Δήμου Ελασσόνας Με έργα Καλλιτεχνών από όλη την Ελλάδα

Έκθεση με τίτλο «Αυτή τη φορά να μην ξεχάσουμε… μια καμένη έκθεση» , που διοργανώνει η Δ.Ε.Π.Τ.Α.Κ.ΑΛ. του Δήμου Ελασσόνας σε συνεργασία με την πολιτιστική εταιρεία «ΟΡΙΖΟΝΤΑΣ» (http://www.orizontas.net.gr/). Η έκθεση θα πραγματοποιηθεί στην Ελασσόνα από τις 19 Απριλίου μέχρι τις 11 Μαΐου 2008, στις αίθουσες του πολιτιστικού κέντρου του Δήμου Ελασσόνας.

19 Mar 2008

Ομαδική Έκθεση φωτογραφίας "Φωτογραφίζοντας στη Λάρισα"

Ομαδική Έκθεση φωτογραφίας
των μελών της Φωτογραφικής Λέσχης Λάρισας
με τίτλο: “Φωτογραφίζοντας στη Λάρισα
Στο φουαγιέ του Χατζηγιάννειου Δημοτικού Πνευματικού Κέντρου,
Ρούσβελτ 59, στη Λάρισα, Τηλ: 2410625121, fax: 2410627174
Διάρκεια έκθεσης: 19/03/08 – 31/03/08
Ώρες λειτουργίας : Δευτέρα - Σάββατο 18:00 - 21:00
Τα εγκαίνια θα γίνουν την Πέμπτη 20 Μαρτίου 2008 στις 8.00 το βράδυ

10 Jun 2003

Dromologio V

Dromologio V

Παρουσίαση και Κριτικές
Presentation and Critiques