23 Feb 2011

Thoughts on justified text

I had to come into a conclusion about fully justified text. I noticed that notaries in Greece (an observation from when I was a kid) always use justification, even in the old days of DOS text editors and monospaced fonts (ugly). I think it’s an old rule started from the manuscript writers. It is also correlated to formality. I, myself, instinctively still correlate "justified text" to formal text and I used justify alignment a lot.

Well I changed my mind a bit. Why bother about a sense of formality when text is not pleasant to the reading eye. I am not talking about unjustified - Left-Aligned (Ragged Right) VS justified. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages.

01 Dec 2010

In the quest of an office work chair


When you are working for hours behind a desk, it happens to be sitting on a chair. It is usually an office chair and although you probably never thought about it, it must be an office Work Chair.

Many of you think that the best chairs out there are the "executive" ones. It is a common mistake. People want to be treated like an executive but that does not mean that an executive chair is ergonomically sufficient for many-hour working on a desk/computer. I don't know in which criteria a chair is declared as an executive one. An executive chair, as in ads and manufacturers leaflets/catalogs, is usually a comfortable and imposing leather (or pseudo-leather/vinyl) chair. It is not mentioned in those ads and product catalogs that an executive chair is to be used for a slightly lay-back sitting position while conferencing – watching presentations – client meetings etc...

22 May 2007


Kostis Vassiliadis, a new graphic and web designer-illustrator, born in Komotini/Greece and lives in Athens. Since 2000 it has collaborated with customers as Sonik Publishing , Komotini On-line, Exis Silver Jewellery, Ribbons Electronics, Exelixis, Omega Publishing, Oxy Publications, Gagarin 205 Live Space, BRC Hellas and others.
In 2004 began collaboration with the Oxy Publications and at the same time as art director at Omega Publishing. In the dues 2004 it collaborates with the music magazine Sonik as art director where it is until today.