02 Feb 2011

Zero Silence - a documentary about the free wor(l)d

Zero Silence screenshot

A documentary film about young people in the Middle East who have grown angry over the authoritarian regimes they live in and who are using the Internet to bring about change in their societies where free speech is controlled or censored. They are part of a new generation that uses the Internet to get the free word out and to organize, mobilize, collaborate and fight injustice.

Among other topics, the production will explore the impact of the Internet and non-traditional media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and whistle-blowing sites on the Arab world and beyond and to what extent these digital media tools can spur society change.

29 Aug 2010

Last Address

The list of New York artists who died of AIDS over the last 30 years is countless, and the loss immeasurable.

Last Address uses images of the exteriors of the houses, apartment buildings, and lofts where these and others were living at the time of their deaths to mark the disappearance of a generation. The film is a remembrance of that loss, as well as an evocation of the continued presence of these artists work in our lives and culture.

29 Apr 2010

Theatrical team Anniline trailer

Was commisioned by the theatrical team Anniline, to produce the trailer for the show "Efect Dr. Pay". Yes EFECT, NOT EFFECT.

Αctors: Alexandros Gkountinakis, Natassa Arabatzi, Stella Chatziemmanouil, Thanos Pisanidis, Yiannis Kotidis , (Antonis Dalkiranidis).

28 Apr 2010

How To Make It In America

Tease From HBO's Tv Show "How To Make It In America". Song: "I Need A Dollar" by Aloe Blacc.