Time Period: 
2010-02-21 06:00 - 08:00

The datacenter operator has notified us of an AC failure in portions of their datacenter. The current notification from the datacenter includes the following:

"RSH North. While the site has redundant cooling capacity, this cover has limits. Unfortunately at this time we do not have further information to give, but will update you as soon as we do know more.

This may cause a rise in ambient temperature which may as a result affect servers running in RSH North."

Future Hosting engineers will continue to monitor system temperatures throughout all of our equipment in the datacenter. Should the temperature levels rise above to a level which would be dangerous to the hardware, we will be forced to shutdown servers until the issues have been resolved.

We understand that this would be of serious inconvenience to clients, so we will do everything possible to avoid needing to power down equipment; however, should the issue become critical, we must take steps to protect the equipment and data. Should this action be necessary, we will notify you via e-mail as well as post updates in our customer forums.


An update to the previously announced HVAC issue is now available.

Full voltage was restored to all HVAC systems at approximately 05:30 and normal operations have resumed. Temperatures in the areas that had seen a rise have now returned to normal and we are working quickly to address any issues that may have arisen.

The redundant systems in the datacenter prevented any outages on our equipment. Future Hosting Engineers took precautionary measures to power down internal polling servers which were not necessary for client servers to operate in order to reduce the heat in our racks. This equipment is all powered up now.