Photography Club of Larissa - the blogs and the website

15 May 2008

I am a member at the Photography Club of Larissa for a few months now. The atmosphere is nice and I finally found people to talk about photography like geeks.

My presence there brought some changes, of course... :)

  • A new site is being in development (fll from the greek initials [f]Φωτογραφική [l]Λέσχη [l]Λάρισας)
  • Andreas Katsakos made the first step and created a photoblog. Other members followed him (we are talking about guys who shot exclusively film and only recently switched to digital. Technology was not an issue till the last couple of years)

Keep in Mind:
Katsakos Andreas

Pallis Dimitris

Papandreou Thomas

Pitsoulis Zacharias

Stamou Vagia

Stavaras John

Zafeiriou Vasilis