f/stop Dial Wristband

12 Apr 2011
my f/stop Dial Wristband

Artists may wear their hearts on their sleeve but now photographers can wear their art on their wrist with these new f/stop bracelets custom created by Photographic.ly.

I got mine! Two coloured and one B/W. They are beautiful. Everyone at fll.gr want one too... :)

nikkor prime lensesThe colors on the numbers of the multi-colored wristbands are from original Nikon lenses (technically Nikkor lenses, see an example below) and they were used, along with colored lines on the barrel of the lens, to estimate depth-of-field before lenses could be electronically stopped-down for preview in-camera.

In other words, these braceletes are both hip and Old School.

my f/stop Dial Wristbandmy f/stop Dial WristbandToby prefers the B/Wmy f/stop Dial Wristband