Social Networks - desktop clients

01 Feb 2011
Seesmic Desktop 2

I usually don’t like software that resembles a website’s functionality. Let me explain. I don’t find a good reason to use a facebook desktop application just to have that website’s links in a different order. Well, if that application has some offline functionality, dial-up is a part of science history today.

At the end, I am not so into the web social addiction, therefore I think I am not suited to judge such software. I take my information dose every day by RSS, my mobile browser, facebook, twitter, classic web browsing and to tell you the truth I feel info-bloated. I just scroll fast until something catches my attention and at the end I find myself using just my browser (my tried and reliable websites) and Google.

Lately, I discovered that I am logging-in logging-out twitter just to update news on my personal and fmag ( accounts. I have all the known browsers installed. Two different browsers can give me a relative solution, or two different Firefox sessions (Firefox profiles). I wanted something simpler than this, and because synchronous multiple account management wasn’t a Twitter website functionality, I googled for the well known TweetDeck. Somehow I ended up using Seesmic Desktop 2. This is not a “versus” article. There are many good desktop clients out there and surely TweetDeck is among the best. It just happened and now I am using Seesmic Desktop 2.

I can now manage my 2 twitter accounts in a better way, plus I added my Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Reader accounts. I am finding myself now paying more attention to facebook* and twitter feeds. I don’t know yet if it is just the new application enthusiasm or that this application actually works and makes my life easier. Still, I feel bloated of information, someday, maybe, I press the uninstall bottom.

For all you out there, who have multiple accounts or you are highly active on social networks, these apps can make the difference in time management and information digestion.

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* Note that full facebook control is not possible, at least with Seesmic Desktop. If you want to post images or links with the facebook preview and thumbs, use the website.