Pacific Star II

10 Jul 2010

The balloon was launched at 5:37pm (PST) from Oxnard, CA and reached an altitude of 125,000 feet snapping photos and recording video along the way. The balloon burst, the parachute deployed, and the payload floated down for 35 minutes, landing near an old olive orchard Northeast of Santa Paula.


Pacific Star I

Launched on May 2, 2010, near Calico, CA, the Pacific Star I was the first in a series of high altitude photography experiments I am conducting. The payload travelled 96.4 miles and attained a height of 33km. In attendance on the mission: Colin Rich (myself), James "Jimmy" Smith, and William Ahmanson. The launch and recovery was a complete success save for condensation buildup on the UV protector rendering the photographs to appear very diffused.


Created by Colin Rich