Porn Industry and the iPad... oh and no flash! and no...

23 Apr 2010

Porn industry finds the iPad sexy - and sets hard questions to be answered ...

Go to a porn website using Safari (and forget about sites using Flash-based streaming video) 

I never checked on iPad (I like Mac OS but I can't say the same for the Apple Hardware Marketing), but is that true? no flash? I find them capable of locking the "flash" down to firmware.

Lets search about it

Paul Threatt, a graphic designer at Jackson Walker design group, has filed a complaint to the FTC alleging false advertising. His statement reads:

On the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices, Apple provides a proprietary web browser named Safari. On these electronic devices, Apple computer does not support the web browser extension commonly referred to as “Flash”. The Adobe Flash extension is a popular browser plug-in that has gained wide popularity due to its ability to easily display video and image based slideshows on the web. In several advertisements and images representing the apple products in question, Apple has purposefully elected to show these devices correctly displaying content that necessitates the Adobe Flash plug-in. This is not possible on the actual devices, and Apple is very aware of that fact. Despite the controversial lack of support for Adobe Flash on these devices, Apple has elected to depict these correctly utilizing the Flash plug-in. This constitutes willful false advertising and Apple’s advertising practices for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad should be forcibly changed.

Above that it seems that the iPad lacks of:

  • Flash. Already told
  • OLED. maybe for the version 2 (keep buying)
  • USB. But there is a workaround: the dock connector. Lets add this at version 3 (keep bying - selling)
  • Multitasking. Unacceptable, my ancient Symbian Nokia E71 is doing that. Lets add this at version 4
  • No 16:9 screen. Big flow, one of the first uses I thought was movie playback at bed (witch way is faster to transfer a movie to iPad? wifi or usb? think about it)


Anyway I agree with Paul Thurrott

Here we have this expensive device, one that is not quite a PC, but is very much an iPod touch, albeit a very large iPod touch that cannot fit in any pocket and thus cannot easily be carried. It is beautiful and alluring in ways that only Apple products are, but is completely unnecessary. It is gorgeous and pointless, like a supermodel, famous for being famous but having never really done anything unique of its own. It's an accessory, a bauble, an additional thing, one that does things that other stuff you already own already do.

Put even more simply, you do not need an iPad. But again, I understand why people are drawn to shiny gadgets like this. I do get the attraction. The iPad demands an emotional response, and people who love these things simply invent reasons why they must have it, and justify why the limitations aren't really a problem, but are in fact exactly what they were looking for. Don't be that person. If you want one, and can afford it, God love you. Enjoy it. But if you're more pragmatic than that, or simply not in the upper ten percent from a financial perspective, there are better ways to spend your time and money.