ACDsee Pro - Exif and IPTC problematic management

22 Apr 2010

I am checking on ACDsee Pro after two major Releases. Same problematic exif and iptc management.

  1. Exif time still tends to show incorrectly due to UTC conversions (many topics about this)
  2. Every little change or info addition to exif/iptc destroys exif entries (eg exif version, flashpix version, etc) resulting in <Invalid data offset> , bad IFD0 directory and random other errors.



Just add the country name and your name as the photographer or anything you want at IPTC or Exif panel or at Batch Set Information tool. Check that picture with PhotoME/ExifTool GUI or other software with the same functionality. Try to add exif info via exiftool (ExifTool GUI).



  1. 5000 photos tagged and categorized into ACDsee database. You choose to copy all that info into IPTC. Result: 5000 photos with destroyed exif entries and warnings (IFD1). That destructive behavior make the Pro user not to trust that operation. ExifTool in some cases can no more add exif entries. Who knows if exif will be functional after a two year period in another software or even the ACDsee.
  2. Return from photoshoot. You want to immediately unload to hdd and tag/categorize and insert that on IPTC.
    Do you trust it? NO, you cannot be sure that the exif data is properly handled.
    After a time period, do you know for sure what time a photo shot? NO, you have to remember if you where in different time zone, or you UTC time was +3h and not +2h the date you took the photos... and make the calculations (or use other tools for that).

Ok, you disabled the UTC into your camera BUT you want to be assured that a mature software like ACDsee don't mess up the exif entries.



  • For User now:
    Use ExifTool GUI / ExifMixer for batch or singe exif/iptc information addition.
  • For ACDsee and User who wants to use it for metadata management:
    Option to choose UTC conversion or not.
    Make exif/iptc handling nondestructive.

I like ACDsee and its workflow and that's why I prefer it, but I think it should give the appropriate respect to metadata management in order to be considered as a Pro digital assets manager.


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