1. Who are you ?
  2. Why "makemagic.gr" ?
  3. Give a reason for "makemagic.gr" existence …
  4. Why mixed English - Greek ?
  5. Is this a commercial web site ?



My name is Gregory and I am from Greece, a seriously mentally unstable (cliche) person who keeps asking "why" for every little matter in life.

I love being creative. Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular , is the quality that you bring to the activity you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach -- how you look at things. I think it is a major way for a human to fulfill his destiny-dreams in life.

The continuous searching and analyzing is part of my character. As a result, I tend to have an opinion for quite a big breadth of knowledge areas. I always summarize my thoughts after deep analyzing all the scientific and constant values of a particular subject. I don't think my opinion is the only or the best one. So, please do not misunderstood me if in cases I seem to be determined… The process of seeking scrapings of truth nowadays can make you a bit confused. I am not claiming that I know everything. Egocentric thoughts from the ancient past. The more I grow the less I "know".



"makemagic" was chosen for no particular reason. A friend of mine wanted to register a domain name, for her Photoshop capabilities, relevant with the words "make" and "magic". I helped her suggesting the "make-magic.com" (she owns the make-magic.gr since 2007). It is obvious that I somewhat stole my idea.Other domain names, like gregoryk.gr and katsianas.gr, are currently pointing to the same website (makemagic.gr). It is in my future plans to make as a primary domain name the gregoryk.gr or something else more abstract.



Makemagic.gr is something like a playground, an area to exercise my web-developing skills and publish some other experiments, artwork and thoughts of mine. MakeMagic.gr is my digital scrapbook/clipboard.

MakeMagic.gr has nothing to do with any goal in particular. It is just a rarely updated website searching for a purpose. It still hasn 't found what it is looking for and so it's creator. It least, it is way to look at my monitor in a creative way.



That question bothered me a lot.

  • I want to communicate with people all over the world.
  • I love my native language and I find no other better alternative to express myself.
  • Except the computer science related terminology, I am not a "fluently english speaking" person


Taking in consideration the facts above, I decided to mostly post in english (time to learn!) and in cases to use greek (in "Thoughts" section it is obvious why more articles are in greek).

Q: Why not separated english and greek sections ? A: Who is going to maintain that ? If I ever become so famous and important to you, I will hire a professional to maintain the international section…



No, it is not a commercial web site.