About Me and MakeMagic

1 Gregory came into life at September 1981.

2 Makemagic.gr was registered at June 11th 2002.

2 Makemagic.gr is intending to be a playground, an area to exercise my web-developing skills and publish some other experiments, artwork and thoughts of mine. It is a digital scrapbook /clipboard searching for a purpose. It still hasn 't found what it is looking for and so it's creator. At least, it is way to look at my monitor in a creative way.

A typical SiteMap:

  • About - me and makemagic, contact element
  • Websites - website developing projects and the MakeMagic Web Server
  • Photography - photography projects and personal albums with limited access
  • Experimental - experiment with various art forms - unfinished and uncategorized projects
  • Thoughts - thoughts, articles and essays
  • pixelThoughts - my thoughts in pixels - a photoblog


You can read more about makemagic.gr as a case study here…


1 He is a "various-sciences" self-learner guru (ironic) and a serious mentally unstable (cliche) person who keeps asking "why" for every little matter in life.

He has always been interested in technology and computers but since the only equipment he had was an "8088" without even a hard drive and "ms quick basic" 5¼ diskettes, his interest had to wait until 2000. It was then that he could financially afford a decent PC (Pentium III 933MHz) and a 56k internet dialup connection, just before passing the exams for Law School! Conflict …

The conflict now is bigger, even thought the 56k became 1Mbit 24Mbit and the PIII 933MHz a lab room with various workstations, servers, laptops, lan printers, scanners, wifi etc.

Gregory and Tobby

I have no favorites. I dislike favorites at all and I hate self-summaries. Everything has its own magic.
I read books (philosophy, psychology, physics, politics, literature, poetry) and my screen.
I speak Greek, English, C++, php, html and some other computer languages.
I listen to rock, jazz, electro jazz, alternative mixtures and finally anything other that speaks to my soul (classical, disco, ethnic etc.).
I touch (except from myself) my camera, my motorcycle and my keyboard a lot.
I combine my senses via cinematography and photography.

You maybe read more about Gregory in the near future here…(I think not, but I reserve)